Servers and Small Business Networks are our Speciality          We have Certified Network Technicians on staff. We can help resolve existing issues with your network implementation or we can work to design a new network based on your needs.

     HRCC was a Novell Gold Reseller in the 90's and has Sold, Configured, Installed, and supported Microsoft Windows Servers since the First one Window NT. HRCC technicians and Jim Nichols were the driving force behind Venturenet Inc a local homegrown dialup ISP we took over in the 90's where we mastered our skills in Linux and Unix. Venturenet was among the first in the nation to master Dialback ISDN reducing higher speed internet costs for our customers. Venturent still exist hosting webpages and Mailservers for many small businesses in the area with 10 servers still located at HRCC under our care.  Special Products for Small Business

    HRCC caters to small business. We understand that a Small Business has many of the same needs as a big business with a smaller budget. These products are optimised for the small business providing such important features as Email server (Exchange or Groupwise), Proxy Server to enable, control, and Monitor Internet access (ISA or Bordermanager) and SQL Server (Microsft SQL or Pervasive SQL).     In addition to selling Microsoft and Novell Server software Hampton Roads Computer can provide complete design, installation, and  network management support for your office. We can make sure everything is up and running smoothly and ensure that updates are in installed in a timely manner.